About Anne Zoet
Anne Zoet is a freelance creative director for both technology giants and countless startups in the Silicon Valley. Her passions are art, words, travel, the environment and animals—all of which came together naturally in the creation of Purrball Meets Burball in Brazil. In addition to her human family, Zoet shares her home with three domestic cats (though sometimes she wonders if they’re not just a bit wild).

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Anne’s Three Little Purrballs
Panino is the indoor-outdoor hunter type, Nutella is his very shy and loving sweetheart (who remains a homebody for her safety) and Trofia is the new addition to the group who is constantly shaking things up, both literally and figuratively. While Trofia’s beautiful blue-grey coat inspired the look of Purrball (well, she also purrs like a formula one car), Purrball has elements of all three cats: cunning, humor, love, energy and curiosity.

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