Anne Zoet

If You Lived Here: Houses of the World

This book is such an interesting mix of amazing illustrations and great facts. The text could be just a bit more colorful to match the illustrations, but very interesting for enquiring minds. Definitely a very fun and wordly view for kids.


This is truly a beautiful book to begin to inspire kids to explore the world. The illustrations are gorgeous and printed on a heavy, quality creamy-colored paper. The details on each map are overwhelming (country’s flag, capital, language, population, animal species, points of interest, foods, and cultural information). Having traveled to many of these places,

Around the World with Mouk

I’m starting the new year off with a switch from cats and sloths…to travel! Mouk, a little bear, decides to pack his backpack and visit various parts of the world. There’s so much to learn many great animals to discover on each beautifully colorful page. There are also reusable stickers for some great interactivity. My


All the toes and paws for “Sparky!” are for the illustrations, which are lovely. The plot and characters were unappealing, except for the sloth (whom I wanted to tear off the page and set free). The mother in the book tells her daughter, “You can have any pet you want as long as it doesn’t

Mabel and the Sock Pirates

This is one of my all-time favorite hero cat books! What an amazing combination of great words, fun story, and wonderful illustrations. A very clever cat does some amazing thinking to save the day. The farm where Mabel the cat lives has some unusual trees that are under attack by pirates. Mabel defends her territory!

2017 International Cat Care Calendar

I’m breaking ranks (that’s what you can do with your own posts ;-)…in lieu of book reviews, I’m branching out to gift recommmendations. My goal is always to think about children and the environment above all else. So today, as I’m already fed up with all the commercialism of Christmas, I would love to do

Lost Cat

If you’ve ever lost a cat, Lost Cat may be harder for you to read than the author may think. I will always feel the pain of losing my cat (found alright weeks later) and find it one of the hardest things for me to think about. So, I’m a bit critical just based on

Sloth’s Shoes

The story of Sloth’s Shoes is sweet and fun and kids will love the parade of animals doting on Sloth on his birthday. But the words get a bit bogged-down. An editor (or further passes by the author) should’ve flagged “‘Peanuts!’ proffered the Pangolin.” as a bit challenging for parents to stop and explain to

Here Comes Santa Cat

If you can’t please Santa, you should just BE Santa. I picture one of my cats get that concept that he has been a bit more naughty than nice and he really ought expect nothing in his stocking (which of course happens in spades, whatever his behavior, see photo below of him opening his stocking

Here Comes the Easter Cat

My niece brought Easter Cat to our Easter celebration this year and I think her reading it was as priceless as the book. A cat who is jealous of the Easter bunny’s attention gets some ideas in his head of how to compete for the spotlight. Cats can definitely put up an air of it’s