How You Can Help Save Kitties and Sloths
Thank you for exploring what you can do to help both kitties and sloths! My mission wasn’t just to write a great book for kids: I truly want to do what I can to help animals.

How can you help? First off, for every book sold on this website $0.25 is contributed to each of these great organizations:

…and there is always more work to be done. To help cats, please donate to International Cat Care, the ASPCA, or the Alley Cat Allies and to help sloths, Green Heritage Fund Suriname. You can help wildlife with the World Wildlife Fund and the NRDC. A great organization for the welfare of all animals is the Humane Society. Every bit that you do will help!

Look who else is making the world a better place for animals!

Celebrity Caregiving Spotlight

Many great people are making the world a better place for cats, sloths and animals in general. Purrball and Burrball want to shine a spotlight on their amazing efforts here.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is perhaps best known for her teen television series Veronica Mars and her role as Elle Bishop in Heroes, but her contributions to animal welfare are equally renowned. Kristen helped raise nearly $16,000 in a single crowdrise.com campaign to support The Humane Society help special needs animals. She often attends fund raisers for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and other non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting animals…

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Anderson Cooper

In 2007, Anderson Cooper shed light on endangered species (including sloths, which he adores) during an exploration of the Amazon rainforest in his amazing series Planet in Peril on CNN. He is a long-time unabashed fan of sloths and absolutely lights up around them. He experienced the thrill of letting a rehabilitated sloth back in the wild (it had a bit of a fall from the tree it attempted to scale, but all went relatively well otherwise!).

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Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy, aka America’s Cat Daddy, is instrumental in bringing sound cat advice into cat owners’ lives. Before his show “My Cat from Hell,” much of cat behavior was a mystery to so many cat owners. Through his show he helps people understand undesirable behavior in cats and helps them work to resolve those issues. In 2014, he created his Jackson Galaxy Foundation to better the lives of animals at risk and helping the people who care for them…

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Betty White

Betty White is an inspiration to anyone who loves animals. She has advocated tirelessly for animals throughout her life. Betty’s interest in animal rights and welfare began in the early 1970s and she continues to involve herself in countless animal welfare charities and non-profit organizations. White was made president emerita of the Morris Animal Foundation – a charity which helps the advancement of veterinary science. Betty is also on the board of directors at the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association…

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Ellen DeGeneres

Anyone who watches the Ellen DeGeneres Show knows what a huge heart Ellen has, and her heart knows no bounds when it comes to animal rights and welfare.

This A-list chat show hostess and entertainer loves animals and is a fully-committed vegan. She runs a vegan website helping folks go vegan and still enjoy everything they eat. She has attempted to open a vegan tapas bar in Los Angeles, but time constraints have placed this project on hold…

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